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Our world is a battleground. The war being waged here is ancient; it began eons before our universe came into existence. Battles are fought here daily that affect our world in countless, subtle ways, on a plane of existence few can see ....

The Spiritual plane

Our universe's fourth dimension where the spiritual half of humanity exists. Here two warring factions of spirit beings are locked in eternal combat, influencing souls with their outcomes, both in their conscious thoughts and emotions, and through their dreams. Normal humans cannot consciously interact with the spirit plane, but can affect it by prayer and other means.

The Combatents



The fearsome host of Heaven and servants of the Most High, Creator of the Universe. Their mission is to protect humanity from the depredations of Hell, though most do so out of duty rather than affection for the human race.


They are ageless, created long before the known universe began. Angels vary in appearance and role, but all share the ability to fly, conjure weapons, and manipulate their form.


While they look similar to humans, they are not like us. Angels are beings of spirit alone and never grow tired or need to sleep. They can take on human forms, but it takes significant effort  to do so. Their lives are spent in service of Almighty God, but since they were created to serve, it feels natural to them.


Fallen angels who rebelled against God and now seek to destroy the creation that He once called good. Though they are the sworn enemies of mankind, the minions of Hell aren't quite as scary as the movies make them out to be.


They can be defeated in battle and when they fall, they emerge from Hell more deformed and less angelic in appearance than they were before.  Because of this, the most twisted, horrific-looking demons are actually the weakest ones, and the most angelic-looking demons are the most powerful and most dangerous.


Most demons live on Earth instead of Hell, and spend their time preying on humans, manipulating their thoughts and emotions. The demonic host is divided into different cohorts under the leadership of a Demon Lord who answers directly to Lucifer.

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The Anointed

Humans gifted with the ability to see and do battle on the spiritual plane. Though few in number, a one full-trained Anointed can defeat thousands of demons in mere minutes. To protect themselves from dangers on the physical plane, they can fly, conjure energy weapons, and create forcefields. Each Anointed is chosen for a particular time and place, most of them seemingly ordinary people living ordinary lives.

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